“One Day in Ping Wei” 
What is life China? This documentary, shot entirely on location in China, offers a window on life in rural village, capturing in compelling detail the daily life of a Chinese family. One Day in Ping Weifollows 10 year old Liu Yen Twin, or Twin Twin as her parents call her, as she does her chores, goes to school, and helps her parents in their home-based business.  From work to play, in the kitchen and in the fields, the stunning images paint a picture of China. Located within the city limits of Huainan, Ping Wei is a small village that sits on the banks of the Huai He River. 

New Year in Ping Wei”
Celebrate Chinese New Year in a rural Chinese village. Narrated in both English and Mandarin (with subtitles) New Year in Ping Wei follows Liu Yen Twin and her family as they celebrate the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. From preparation of the family reunion dinner and the symbolic burning of paper money to firecrackers and fireworks, all the traditions of New Year are captured in this colorful sequel to One Day in Ping Wei. 

 “Return to Ping Wei”
It's been two years since we last visited Liu Yen Twin in Ping Wei, and things there have changed. Her family and the fields of Ping Wei are alive with the spring harvest. Liu Yen Twin is a teenager now, and school has taken on a whole new importance in her life. Filmed in the same rural village and with the uncompromising production values seen in One Day in Ping Wei, Return to Ping Wei is as close as you can get to China without actually being there. 

 “Land of the Dragon”
Travel through China with Liu Hui Ping, learning as you go about history, culture, customs and language.  A documentary about China.

An excellent culture series of videos “slice of life” by  

“Found in China” by Tai-Kai Productions

A documentary following a heritage trip to China with a group of families and follows them as they look for clues to their children’s past lives.

Adoption: When Love is Not Enough

A documentary which follows an adult Korean adoptee as she faces her adoptive mom’s death and her search for identity and belonging within her family. The film is a compelling and instructive narrative which is followed by insights from adoption professionals.   

Daughter’s Return by Dr. Chang

This documentary is a rollercoaster, packed with unexpected events, outpourings of emotion, and a timely engagement of critical issues concerning adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents.  This follows to adopted girls from China as they pursue a search for their biological parents.

Daughter from Danang by Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco

This documentary follows the emotional and physical journey of Heidi, a Vietnamese American adult adoptee as she travels to Vietnam to unite with her birth family.  The reunion that had raised so many hopes and expectations for Heidi becomes filled with tension and misunderstanding as the cultural gulf between Heidi and her Vietnamese family grows.

"Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village"

The series shows us the   village of   Long Bow  , some 400 miles southwest of   Beijing  .  "To give birth to a boy is considered a big happiness. To give birth to a girl is a small happiness. Well, you can't say it's no happiness."-- A grandfather in Long Bow village   The pattern of male dominance in Chinese society is longstanding and evidently stubborn. But "Small Happiness," with its interviews of both young and old women, finds that there have nevertheless been significant changes in the role of women.  Small Happiness explores sexual politics in rural   China   with segments on love and marriage, foot-binding, child-bearing and birth control. 

"Chinese Americans" 
This series shows the impact of each ethnic group on the growth of the 
  U.S.   and   Canada   and the contributions made by individuals from each group. These programs are based on the highly acclaimed "People of North America" series by Schlesinger Video.  

 Central Ohio Families With Children From China  is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization
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 Central Ohio Families With Children From China  is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization
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